Sarajevo Open Centre has recognized the importance of organizing cultural events and cultural engagement in general, as an important platform for raising awareness of the citizens about the importance of women’s rights in Bosnia and Herzegovina, as through its programs it also operates in this field.

SOMEBODY SAID FEMINISM – Poverty and feminism SOMEBODY SAID FEMINISM – Pornography and feminism Opening of the exhibition – „STAND UP WOMAN!“– Europeanization & Emancipation: A Case of Nafija Sarajlić – Themes and Reminiscences SOMEBODY SAID FEMINISM – Rural areas and feminism We are witnessing an increasing strengthening of social and moral-religious control over woman’s body Somebody said feminism: Sexual and reproductive health With alliance, sisterhood and solidarity we can resist patriarchy Somebody said feminism: Women and right-wing New feminist struggle is being led on the internet SOMEBODY SAID FEMINISM and PitchWise festival: Digital feminism The history of feminism is to be read as a guide to understanding the present SOMEBODY SAID FEMINISM: What are we saying when we say the F-word?