Political participation

Sarajevo Open Centre is active in the field of improving the political participation of women in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and advocates for legislative changes and the adoption of new legislation, as well as other changes to existing and adoption of new measures, and the implementation of strategies and action plans, in order to thus achieve full equality of women and ensure their rights are protected.

Sarajevo Open Centre demands minimum 40% of women ministers in the Canton Sarajevo Government BiH, a year and a half after adopting the Law on Sports, still has not formed the Sports Council If we continue at this pace and intensity, by 2060 we could have a minimum of 40% of women in local authorities in Bosnia and Herzegovina FACING THE REALITY – POLITICAL PARTIES ARE MISOGYNISTIC! The Amendments on the Law on Council of Ministers of BiH have been adopted Press release: Gender Equality and 50% Gender Quota on hold! Street action EQUALITY NOW! was held Through Cooperation to Gender Equality in Canton Sarajevo 50% of women on electoral lists? Do not abolish existing Gender Quota in the Electoral Law, increase it to 50% Steps towards equal political participation of women and men Conclusions from the working meeting of the Women Parliamentarians FBiH and the representatives of the Civil Society Organizations